About Us

Safari Club International is the leading organization protecting all hunter’s rights by actively lobbying at the state, provincial and federal level. We are a non-profit organization that relies solely on our dedicated volunteers, membership fees, fund raising events and charitable contributions to carry out the battle to protect the freedom to hunt. Hunting must not be lost!

We intend to take back the ground lost and fight vigorously to insure your children and grandchildren have the same opportunity to hunt that you did growing up. Every member of SCI is also a conservationist on many levels.

From our membership dollars that go to support SCI Foundation’s global activities and the hundreds of local chapter projects to the support of federal and local game and fish agencies through purchase of licenses and sporting equipment, members of SCI are conservationists of the best kind. The community of SCI hunters promotes strong family values and teaches young hunter’s about hunting and the role hunters play in sustainable wildlife conservation.

Missions & Involvement

Safari Club International is the leader in protecting the freedom to hunt and promoting wildlife conservation worldwide. These primary missions are supported through the many arenas of the organization.

Advocate: Since 2000, SCI has spent $140 million on protecting the freedom to hunt through policy advocacy, litigation, and education for federal and state legislators to ensure hunting is protected for future generations. Through direct involvement and partnerships with like-minded organizations, SCI has become a political force in Washington, D.C. and other world capitals.

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Connect: When you become a member of SCI, you join a network of over 55,000 like-minded individuals all over the world. In your local community there may already be an official SCI chapter. Working side by side, holding similar attitudes about the importance and responsibility of being a hunter, SCI members make a tangible difference through conservation efforts in their communities and voicing their concerns to representatives who take them to the floors of Washington.

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Educate: The weekly E-Newsletters In The Crosshairs  and Hunt Now! provide breaking news, legal issues, government actions, product reviews, and exciting stories of the hunt, to more than 45,000 members. Through our publications, Safari Magazine and Safari Times, we keep you up to date on events and board actions as well, teach you some tips and techniques, and stories about other membersˊ hunting expeditions.

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Represent: SCI members help shape and promote the image of the hunter to non-hunters through their words and actions. In addition to practicing ethical hunting while in the field and around others, members can give back by participating in humanitarian efforts taking place across the globe through the affiliated charitable organization, Safari Club International Foundation.

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President – Sean McCann
Vice President – Tom Van Note
Treasurer – Barry Vonada
Secretary – Bob Salisbury


Daniel Beckham
Richard Ebersold
Rich Engels
Jim Falkowski
Richard L. Gotshall
Bob Salisbury
Marty Salisbury

Greg Tait
Tom Van Note
Michael Yeary
Douglas Sensenig

Sables President: Sandy Twietmeyer

Executive Assistant: Elizabeth (Liz) Kipness


Fundraiser – Tom Van Note & Sean McCann
Membership – Doug Sensenig &  Bob Salisbury
Entertainment –  Marty Salisbury
Education/AWLS/Appren. Hunter – Rich Gotshall
Website – Tom Van Note
Sportsman Against Hunger – Dan Beckham & Tom Van Note
Chapter Magazine/Advertising – OPEN
Government Affairs/ SCI-PAC –  Rich Gotshall
Marketing Committee:  Tom Van Note
Everglades Coordinating Council –  Sean McCann & Tom Van Note


Keith Almeida
W. Bruce Brock
Frederick C. Buresh
Timmie E. Burr
Dean Castillo
Carlos Davidov
Harry D. Dennis Jr.
Richard L. Gottshall
Glen A. Hudson Jr.
Ralph E. Johnson
Lawrence S. Katz
Richard B. Nilsen
Stephen J. Potter